Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For Our Irish Singer

It's been a weird couple of days.  Hubby and I've been to several doctors' appointments leading up to his knee surgery.  It's one of those moments in life when you know it'll all work out, but you feel bad that your Beloved is going to feel lousy before he feels better.  But he's ready for it, so I have to be too.

Then talk turned yesterday to two of our senior citizens who are in nursing homes and who have, quite frankly, decided enough is enough.  One is 90 and just had a massive stroke, the other is 98 and sliding downhill much too slowly as she sees it.  It's hard to acknowledge that these two people I've known for almost 20 years might shuffle off while I'm gone. Then I remind myself of what they've shared with me...and that's a wonderful gift.

But when I got home, I discovered our much loved Irish Singer has had enough with the Internet highway.  I don't blame him.  When you have days that you begin to yell at the screen,"There can't BE this many stupid people!" it's time to take a break from the invisible people with the loud opinions.  Although it was with a heavy heart that I acknowledged his message with one of understanding, he didn't sever all ties.  He gave us a way to stay in touch.  A lovely, old fashion way which will guarantee that he hasn't heard the last of me.  

Funny how we take things for granted.  This morning I noticed that my work calendar has a motivational saying at the top of each week. Now I've had this thing since July 2013.   I've just ignored the writing on the top thinking it was probably trying to sell me something...or remind me to reorder a refill for the fancy book where it resides.  Today I discovered it had a message for me and me Irish Pal:

"The difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance. 
Proceed, and light will dawn and shine 
with increasing clearness on your path."

Hmmm.  And I've been thinking about my path lately.  I have a direction in mind, but no map.  Which made me grin...cause I have a friend named Map.  And the card I received Monday was the first thing I thought of when he advised he was flying away. 

Just remember Friend, your other wing is in the South...and it's sister is further south...and north towards Canada.  After all, that birds of a feather thing must have some truth to it.  Take care.  We'll still be here.


Ponita in Real Life said...

There are times I think of taking a break from things on the internet but have to admit to being a bit geeky, so am always looking things up. Plus I have many friends in far away places (Map! and you, Hope!) to keep in touch with.

All the same, I also wish our dear Irish friend some peace of mind and space in which to relax. I shall look for a suitable card to send his way, me thinks. This is a lovely post, Hope.

hope said...

Thanks...he's truly one of a kind.

savannah said...

we are some fortunate ladies! xoxox