Friday, July 18, 2014

Let it Pour

Well, we had that first Thunderstorm of Summer that took out a tree and several limbs.  Since then....pretty much nothing.

Not so much a drought, but such minute sprinkles that rain seems to evaporate before it hits the ground.  Our green lawn is now brown and crunchy.

And then Mother Nature threw down.  In buckets.  And I got to ride home through it.  Twice.

The first time hit just as I was leaving work the other day and I could barely see the front of my car.  I thought I'd waited long enough, because that storm had hit before the end of the work day, so I thought it was done.  Not hardly.  There was a 2 mile let up, then I "caught" up to the original storm.  It stopped long enough for me to turn toward the house and see this.


At least I got to the front porch before it hit again.

                                                                  Heading inside,
                                              I'm pretty sure I heard the grass sighing in joy.


maurcheen said...

Weather eh? One would think we'd be used to it by now? Oh well. Have a happy weekend and may there be at least a little ray of sunshine on you. :)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Well, I'm glad it was just rain and not tornadoes or anything horrible like that. We've had more than our share of rain here. Normally we'd have been hot and dry for a while but we've had so much rain, the rivers flooded farmers' fields all over the southern part of the province and about 1 million acres sit under water, either not seeded at all, or drowned after being seeded. Food is going get more expensive very soon.