Tuesday, July 8, 2014

African Adventure = I Get Souvenirs

As promised, a glance at what Hubby brought home from his adventure.  Heaven help me,  he's already talking about going back!

Okay, so we'll start with a couple of things he brought home for his "Africa wall"...that will be in his Shop, not the house.

Tribal masks: Male and Female

Then antique versions of Female and Male

 This knife slides into its carved wooden handle,
 the blade is a metal pounded out by hand.

Just what Map needs for opening beer:
a Warthog tusk bottle opener. 

Then comes the girl stuff that you'd expect a husband to buy: 

  The "Giraffe earrings" are carved from bone.
The diamond shaped pair are wood from a local tree, inlaid with bone.

Both the bracelet and necklace are carved bone. 

Then he got creative.

How about a pair of hand carved bone Salt & Pepper shakers?
One has a Rhino, the other an Elephant.  

 These folks are masters at wood carving.
A bowl, complete with Zebra stripes.

A Trinket Box carved out of a tree.

Take a look inside....what you can't see is the box isn't square,
the sides are actually carved inward.

Then there's this amazing carving, 
handcrafted while Hubby waited...
on a nut!

It's about the size of a medium fig 
and has a Zebra...
a Giraffe and an

(Plus my name)

Of course the best gift was getting Hubby back in one piece,
rested, relaxed and with lots of stories.
But he had one more surprise for me.

Now how cool is that?!


maurcheen said...

Yes! A worthog tusk bottle opener is just what I need. And some bottles to open of course! ;-)

Welcome home to hubby. :-)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Wow! Lots of really cool stuff! I have an African mask very similar to your first one that my mum gave me for Christmas one year. Not as fancy though, but it graces my red living room wall. Love the 'hope' symbol he brought you. It's lovely.

Glad Hubby is home in one piece (and not lion lunch). So what did he think of your adventures??

I can totally see a certain Irishman delighting in a warthog bottle opener! ;-)

hope said...

maurcheen: Hubby tried some local beer but I can't remember what it was. I'm sure he drank one in your honor. :)

Ponita: he is a thoughtful guy. Before the trip he was going to expand his Shop...so all of "his" African stuff will live in there. :)