Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vacation Update

Let's review.

So I began with a computer crash. 
(I didn't do it, but don't think I didn't consider it!)

Followed by a tree crash.

You can't tell from this angle, 
but the tree is not only against the kitchen window, 
it's resting on top of the propane tank.
Poor tree got so scared of the storm 
it tried to run right out of the ground.

On the third day, the vacuum and I had an argument.
I thought it should actually suck up dirt. 
 It decided to go into a coma.

Frustrated, I gave up and went to sleep.
The next morning I performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the vacuum 
and it came back to life.

Next I discovered my computer has developed a new problem.

Not a virus...but an attitude.  
I don't know how many versions of Windows 7 there might be, 
but it's not the one I started with...
some of the functions have evaporated.  
Thanks to Ponita, Kim and my sis-in-law, 
I can finally edit photos again.  
Ironically the first ones were of the storm damage.

Just when I thought everything was almost under control with the computer
my 14 year old nephew who I love 
(and less face it, he's already 5'11" so I need to be his favorite aunt)
wanted to come and just hang.

That's cool.
We ate pizza and watched a comedy.  
It was nice not to have football practice, he said.
Then he added, 
"I've been learning Origami and need your help with a project."
I was surprised when the YouTube video he pulled up 
was for making a paper gun.
Yes, I provided paper and tape and he made it.
I look at it this way: it was harmless, I witnessed a teenager actually following instructions and honestly, 
it was payback for all the crap my little brother, HIS father, 
had ever thrown my way during our childhood.

But before nephew left, I did penance for my part in Origami Art.

A neighbor brought by fresh corn from his farm.
A bushel of fresh corn.  
I sent a dozen ears home with nephew, took a small bag to Mom & Mom-in-law and shared with a friend.
Then I shucked and processed 49 ears for the freezer, with a couple of pints cut off the cob.  

 And the next day, 
as I decided to stop housework and food preparation for some ME time,
my neighbor came by with another bag of corn.

Actually he had 4, which would've been another bushel plus.
I tried to talk my way out of it.
He guilted me into one more bag.
Now there are 6 more pints of corn off the cob in the freezer. 

But hey, Bou is having a great time.
 Thanks to his constant need to for a R-I-D-E,
the house is really clean as we've been recycling.
More than once.
And it was interesting to discover our dog either has radar
 or is a fine actor.

As we went to make the bank deposit, 
he was snoozing on the back seat.
Until he heard me say, "Hello" to the bank teller.
Then that head popped up 
and he nudged my neck so I'd roll his window down
and he put on the best performance ever of
"Hey, look at me!  Aren't I something?"

And the bank teller fell for it.

You see, the fun part of living in a small town 
is that so many of us have dogs, 
the bank tellers hand out dog biscuits.
And they always take one look at Bou and say,
"Wow, you're a big get TWO biscuits!"

He wags his tail, grins like Elvis and I say thank you for him.
Then as we drive off, I swear I see him smirking in the mirror,
ecstatic about his successful double dipping.

I think tomorrow, 
HE gets to decide what we do for the day.
At the worse, 
we'll be riding in the car and taking several naps.

Sounds like a plan.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Well, you got the computer issue mostly sorted, the trees didn't actually blow up your house or punch a hole in it, and there's still time to relax! At least it's now better than how it started. ;-)

hope said...

Amen! At least my choice to go into the kitchen today and bake a pecan pie is MY CHOICE. :)