Monday, June 16, 2014

Just Plain Weird

No.  Not me.  Well, not this time.  No, it's the end of the computer saga. Let's just say we've reached the Good News/Weird News point, which is just shy of surrender and murdering the computer.

First though, thanks to Ponita for graciously suggesting every way possible for me to get out of a System Recovery.  Although nothing worked, at least I know she has a good heart and feels my pain.  I was able to download Fix It Tool onto a flash drive on my laptop, then apply to my sick Computer.   Ironically it fixed my ability to download everything but Windows Updates... which it was suppose to fix.  But hey, at least I can update all the stuff I truly care about.

Which brings us to caring, listening and giving a damn.

I decided this morning to try "Chat" with a certain Large Computer Company With A Monopoly. What I learned is their employees don't "listen".  I gave the shortest possible version of the problem, along with the error code fix I'd tried.  Mr. Wizard then told me if I'd like to try troubleshooting on my own, to use his provided link.  Yep, it was the error code I JUST told him didn't work.  So I mentioned it again.  He took a vow of silence and refused to communicate with me, so I ended chat.  I then gave the only scathing review on a survey that I've ever given, which boiled down to one thing:

If you own a company, you might want to LISTEN to your customers' problems, not read to them out of a manual.

So Ponita, I owe you.  I haven't figured out what yet, but I will.  As long as everything else is working and the anti-virus shows all is well, I will now back away from System Recovery and get back to having a vacation.

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Ponita in Real Life said...

Aw, you owe me nothing, Hope! That's what friends are for. Glad I was able to provide a bit of info, even if it didn't really do what you needed it to. And also very glad that you got things working again. :-)