Thursday, June 19, 2014

Computer -1 Me-0

It crashed last night, one system at a time.  You know it's bad when the System Recovery fails, complete with error message of no hope.  So off to the Computer Doc we go...yee haw.  Maybe they can exorcise it.  To be honest, it's the weirdest computer I've ever owned.  Quirky would be kind.

I'll try to keep up with y'all on the laptop, but right now I'm not a happy camper.  Some vacation.  Sigh. Oh well, at least I CAN do the Family Tree stuff on the laptop.

Oh I'll be fine once they tell me it's fixable.  If not, you may be able to hear me scream all the way to where you live.  And off we go.............


Ponita in Real Life said...


And here I thought it was on the road to Recovery. *sigh* Wishing the exorcists well. And you too, Hope. Take a deep breath and just try to relax. You've done all you could.

hope said...

Ponita: I'm thankful you even tried. They called this afternoon to tell me whatever happened, it erased my hard drive. Nothing left. Nada. Of course I took them the back up disks I'd created when I took the traitor..I mean this morning. So they'll have to load from scratch and add my stuff. Good thing I'm on a Stay-cation, huh?

The funny thing was having the 14 yr. old girl lecture me on the phone,"you know, you need to back up your files all the time, not just before you have a problem." We were on the phone so she couldn't see my eyes roll. I gently broke it to her I back up stuff all the time on flash drives and all the stuff I gave her today....I have at home, on flash drives.

At least I'm on my own time schedule and can get things back at my speed. THANK YOU again for being truly helpful and keeping me from going to jail for murdering Jack...that's my computer's name, short for jackass. :)