Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beware: Woman at Work

Got the computer back in just over a day but sadly, some of the "pre-loaded" programs did not want to be part of my Back up Disks.  So I have a lot to do and will probably spend the next couple of days trying to get back as to close to normal as I ever am.  :)

One of the things that disappeared was my ability to edit photos.  While I have Print Shop and can do some editing, it can't create jpeg files I can share.  So I'm taking suggestions.  I don't need anything fancy, but I do like having the ability to "clean up" a photo, crop and share.

So while you're making suggestions, I'm wading through the kindness of my country neighbors, who dropped off about a bushel of fresh sweet corn yesterday.  Usually the two of us can knock it out in an hour, but Hubby is not here today.  So I shared with our Moms, my nephew and a family friend.  I've shucked 50 ears of corn, now I have to either to seal them in packages or cut some off the cob.  Either way, it'll take a little while.

Interesting vacation I'm having. 


Ponita in Real Life said...

Well, since I *know* you have Windows 7, that means you have Paint. So that means you have the ability to work with your photos *and* save them as jpegs. I use it if I just need to do a quick resize or crop. For anything more extensive (and for me, that means playing around with things and getting artsy-fartsy) I use Photoshop Elements, which came with my digital camera (although I know you can buy it on its own). So give Paint a try (select a photo, right click and hit "edit" ~ that should get you right there; if not, it's under "Accessories" in your Programs list. Hope this helps!

Kim Ayres said...

GIMP is a free programme that comes close to rivalling Photoshop. You'll also find loads of videos on YouTube on how to get whatever effect or action you want :)

hope said...

Ponita: I don't know why/what disappeared on this computer, but the Windows 7 loaded back on it has features missing: even in Paint, I can resize, but not crop. And I had Photoshop Elements a few years back but didn't need it and gave it to a family member. Sadly, my Kodak disk stopped at Windows XP. Sis-in-law has offered me help. :)

Kim: that sounds interesting. I just want to be able to do basic edits for now; clean up photos and nothing I have allows me to do that. I'll look into it...after all, you ARE the professional. :)

Thanks y'all! The computer crash was enough this week but we had a horrible storm last night which uprooted a Plum tree and left it against the house, while the Paper Birch dropped a couple of limbs on the roof. Starting the day off with Hubby out of town and tree service guys is not my idea of relaxing. Maybe the rest of this week of vacation will be more relaxing.

hope said...

Kim..oh, what have you started? :) I may spend the rest of my vacation playing with photos and GIMP. Thank you!

Ponita in Real Life said...

There you go, Hope... Kim solved your photo issues. :-)

Hoping your tree situation is sorted.

Kim Ayres said...

Delighted to know I was useful for something :)