Saturday, May 3, 2014

Now what?!

Well our front porch Dove, who I dubbed Lucy (for her Lucille Ball-like quality of nest building), has added one more egg.  I get the feeling this is her first attempt at motherhood, because she wasn't real good about staying on the nest for more than an hour at a time to begin with.  But since she's settled down, we decided to utilize the backdoor until her children hatch out and leave the nest.  Besides, doves don't just move away, they take off like they've exploded, wings whistling as they bob and weave so nothing can get a straight shot at them. Having that occur unexpectedly is not good on the hearts of either dove or intruder...even if it's just a human trying to get in the front door after a long day at work.  It's not that much of a sacrifice on our part but Bou the Dog is looking at me a little funny when I ask him if he wants to go out and I head for the kitchen while he heads for the front door.  We have come to the agreement that if he goes out the back door, he can come in the front because at night, Bou and Lucy get along just fine.

This worked well until yesterday.  Hubby said he thought he'd seen a Mockingbird building a nest in the rose bush. Sure enough, there was a beauty of a nest there, but it was empty.  And it isn't the first time a Mockingbird chose that spot.  The rose, a climbing Don Juan, is literally against the house.  The nest is protected from rain by the roof overhang above and sheltered from the wind.  I fought the urge to call Lucy around back so she could see what a proper Nursery Nest looks like.  I didn't think anything about it again until a moment ago....when a Mockingbird almost flew up my nose when I opened the door.

Did I mention the rose bush is just outside the back door?

And this morning,  it looks like this.

Although you can't tell from the camera angle...and trust me, that's as good as a short person teetering on tiptoes on the edge of the top step while still dizzy from a head cold could handle...there are 3 eggs there.  I hope this year we find 3 birds, like the first year.  The 2nd year, a Cowbird dumped her egg in the middle and kindly Mama Mockingbird fed it too, even though it was about 3 times the size of her kids.  Last time, another evil bird raided the nest as soon as the chicks hatched.

So now the conundrum: which door can we enter/exit which creates the least disturbance?  Most of you are laughing right now, as you probably should be I suppose.  But I like country living and all the interesting moments you don't get living in a city neighborhood.  I'm thinking Mama Mockingbird, one of Walter the Watch Mockingbird's harem,  just considers us one of her pets and we should be good.  Besides, I just filled up the bird feeder, meaning all the other birds will be much more interested in it than the rose bush.

You know, I was out sick 2 days last week.  Wonder if I should tell them I need to be under quarantine....just until the kids hatch?   :)

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