Thursday, April 10, 2014

Monkey's Got My Back

I use to have a plaque in my personal bathroom at work, given to me by one of my sassy senior citizens.  I heard that.  "Personal" bathroom? you muttered, no doubt envisioning gold fixtures and a skylight.  Uh, no.  I don't have that kind of job.  Actually it's a single toilet in a room the size of a coat closet, right off the kitchen...for the "help".  It's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic.  So as Director, and the entire staff, that "help" is me.  So my only perk is a "private restroom".  It's a good thing I'm economy size, because it's one of those super low to the ground models.  Think elementary school.  Did I mention I'm also the Janitor? 

Sorry, I digress.

Unfortunately renovations still haven't returned my personal space back to working order.  Years ago the tree outside the window got attached to the plumbing.  Literally.  So the tree was cut down and the stump removed.  Workmen said they'd be "right back" to fix the plumbing problem.  That was over a year ago.

Yesterday I noticed the tree is coming back.  Someone missed a root.

I've always been one of those people that if I can find the humor in something, I know things will be okay in the long run.  And so, as I wait for my bathroom to once again join the workforce, I have moved the plaque to my office.  It's in a hidden space where only I can see it.  Frankly it's stupid, but it makes me laugh.  Why?  Because no matter how miserable I might be in the moment, the last guy on the end reminds me that life is not all work....

....and Fun is outside, 
waiting on me to find it. 



Kim Ayres said...

I remember a few years ago realising I'd practically forgotten what "fun" was. It certainly wasn't something I made time for or seemed to recognise. It was quite a crushing revelation. I now make more effort to have it and recognise it when it's happening :)

hope said...

Kim...oh, how well I know! I'm the "sensible" one who ensures everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time. Have to remind myself that I'm entitled to some of that too! :)

maurcheen said...

Oh yes, fun must be had every single day! I am one of those very lucky people whose job is fun. I will be having a lot of it this weekend. I hope you do too. :-)


hope said...

maurcheen: okay you have the real fun for the pair of us this weekend. Because I have to go out into the pollen tomorrow and hide Easter Eggs at a work related event. The irony is at the same time, the City will be celebrating Earth Day (early) and we'll all be crowded into the same small space as the usual one at the park is being renovated.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hopefully your work space renos won't be too much longer.

I have lots of fun at work, not because the work is fun (although it is often interesting and sometimes very intense), but because some of the people I work with are fun to be around!

And I know how to have fun outside of work too. I guess I've always basically been a happy person and have managed to return to that state no matter what has happened in my life.

Sounds like you need a respirator for your egg planting... :-\

hope said...

Ah Ponita, I did one better: I baffled everyone by telling the truth: pollen was making me miserable and I didn't want to be outside. I offered to take Sick Leave. I didn't have to because this event had been canceled and we were told later we weren't obligated. I felt guilty...for about 2 minutes. :)

RETA said...

Delightful blogspot!


hope said...

Thanks RETA