Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lazy or Minimalist?

Every year the same Wren and I go round and round....I hang a planter on the front porch or place a plant in a pot which has been sitting empty all winter and she suddenly decides it's a great place to build a nest.   Then again, maybe by now she thinks we're building partners.

Well, this year, someone beat her to it.  All because I decided to go small first and just put in Spearmint, then fill in with other flowers later.  After all, being right outside the front door it is in a pretty high traffic area. Plus Walter the Watch Mockingbird believes the porch is his...he likes to sing there in the morning while using the rails as his personal restroom facility.   I really do think he believes we're his pets. 

I found this Sunday morning.  

Sure, there is a "ring" in effect.  But not much effort.  Hubby says it's probably the Dove which has suddenly taken a liking to our front porch...and they're lousy nest builders.  I hear she may make another deposit...I'll keep you posted.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Someone has decided building a nest on my back porch light is a good idea this year. (It's right above the door.)

Since I have no desire to (a) get shat upon by little birdies or (b) have my eyes pecked out by mum and dad every time I use the door, I have been using a rake to tear it down as soon as I find it, before they finish and lay eggs.

It's my way of encouraging them to perhaps use one of the nine trees in the yard!

hope said...

Hubby has to do that with the Wrens. He was mowing the lawn on the riding mower, stopped to get the gas can, came back and a Wren was trying to build a nest on the back tire.

We're in the country surrounded by most fields. We have trees but our birds like us...the really like us. :)