Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dear Trees: I'm Sorry

I love trees.
However, I'm currently not fond of the ones dumping all that yellow stuff 
on my head,
in my eyes.
up my nose. 
A yellow mist which lines my lungs 
and caresses my skin until I want to scratch it off.

And yet, due to all the tissues I'm forced to use during pollen season,
I find myself apologizing to trees.

Ah, beautiful trees.
Ones with open arms, spread out to provide shade from southern heat.
 Those sharing pecans for holiday cookies while we wait for Winter to subside.
 The Old Gal out front who serves as apartment complex to a variety of 
song birds, woodpeckers and owls.

Those kind trees, sacrificing their lives 
to become the tissue which
makes my life slightly less miserable
as trees follow the natural cycle of reproduction.

On second thought,
I'm not sure if tissue is poetic justice
or just irony.


maurcheen said...

I feel yer pain, a truck comes by my place every morning this week to remove the snot-filled tissues. Man-flu is nothing to be sneezed at! :-!

Have a good weekend my friend. :-)


Ponita in Real Life said...

While I don't share your environmental allergies, I do love a Margerita, but the tequila has no love for me! I have developed quite a reaction to the stuff that leaves me covered in hives all over. I've tried them made with vodka but it's just not the same, so I now live my life devoid of the tasty stuff.

I wish you could have an invisible bubble around you that repels pollen. As far as Maurcheen's man-flu... unfortunately that just has to run its course. ;-)

hope said...

maurcheen: hope you're feeling better. The joke at our house is that if snot was worth something, I would be a billionaire. :)

Pon: pollen is like man-flu, just have to hang in there and let it run its course. Bad thing is I have to do an outdoor event for work this weekend an area which is pollen hell!