Thursday, January 23, 2014

Full Circle

Life is filled with "full circle" moments which usually come unexpectedly.  Usually.  I actually went looking for the final link in an important chain and found it, just after Christmas.  A gift from Little Girl Me to Who I Am Today Me.

If you've been here a while, you might remember my story of "The Bracelet"Not just any bracelet, but the MIA bracelet I wore as a kid during the Vietnam War.  In a true full circle moment, years later I was able to find the son of that soldier and give my bracelet to him, for his own daughter. 

One of the major characters in that chapter of my life was an NBC reporter named Garrick Utley.  For reasons I've never figured out, I was drawn to him. He wasn't just a reporter, he was the beacon into the adult world of Vietnam, one I trusted to guide me, to explain what was going on.  Ironically, "why" never seemed to be part of the explanation... probably because none of those who had gotten America into that mess really understood either.

As an adult, I've always wondered about Utley's point of view.  Guess I'm about to find out, thanks to the gift I gave myself.

The book, written by Utley, also has a CD with 30 minutes of television footage that will probably seem familiar on one hand and enlightening on the other as seen from further down my life's journey.

Okay, so I'll admit to one moment of childish glee, which sealed the purchase.  I actually grinned from ear to ear yesterday when this arrived because...
I have a copy signed by the man himself. 

Yeah, I know.  The weirdest stuff makes me happy. Wonder what Mr. Utley would think if he knew the little girl who watched him faithfully grew up to aid wounded soldiers?  Would he be proud to know that, because of what he inadvertently taught me as a child, a part of him is represented as well?

I hope so.

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