Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Wee Tree

Ah, here is the little fella, wearing his Christmas best.  
And yes, I've dubbed him "Charlie".

I was a little worried at first as we put the star on the tree...
and five minutes later it died.
Then we dug out the old Angel topper and five minutes later...
she was singing with the other discarded Christmas angels.

So we got a new angel and she shines, holding a star in each hand.  
Sort of the a reminder of those tree toppers which have gone to the land of Misfit Toys.
(And yes, that is the Burl Ives' snowman character with his back to you)
So of course, we're calling her Charlie's Angel.

As you can see, Bou's stocking is like a little kid's. 
 If you can't read it, it says,
"Dear Santa.  Let me explain."
 And yes, that other stocking says Walter...for our Security Mockingbird.  
Because as much as he sits on the front porch to sing, 
I'm pretty sure he looks in the window to see what we're up to.  
I didn't dare leave him out.  
After all. I have to go past his security post to get to the car and go to work.

So, got any silly traditions of your own?


maurcheen said...

The start of December brings out the Grinch in me, I know, hard to believe, but it's just the thought of getting all that stuff out of the attic! But I did get it down and my girls had it all set up by the time I came back from my gig. And it was magical. Tree is up and decorated, stockings are hanging on the fireplace, and letters have been posted to Sanity Clause.

Your tree looks beautiful. A very merry christmas to you, Himself, Bou & all your kin. :¬)


hope said...

maurcheen: nope, can't see you as green and Grinch like. :) I do understand the up into the attic stuff though. Last year, I cleaned out a couple of dresser drawers in the spare bedroom and that's where the Christmas stuff more going upstairs to carry stuff down.

Chef Files said...

A smashing looking tree hen, well dressed indeed. We have a few traditions of our own, mainly being that my kids still put out a mince pie and a bottle of stout on Chrissie eve, even though my youngest is now 20! It's just something we have always done.

No matter where am I am in the world, Siobhan always waits for me to come home before we top the tree with the traditional angel that has been in our family since the 18th century.

Chef Files said...
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hope said...

Chef: I love the tradition of your lovely lady waiting on you to come home before topping the tree. Sentimental fool that I am, the age of the angel made me grin from ear to ear.

maurcheen said...

He tried to put me on top of the tree once! :¬)


hope said...

maurcheen: :0