Sunday, December 22, 2013

Singing the Blues

Although this version of me was singing a solo: "Away in a Manger"
today's ME is singing the blues....

...because it's the first official day of Winter and it's HOT outside!

I swear, swatting at mosquitoes in December
is not a festive activity.

But I will try to maintain my Jolly.
Maurcheen...kindly sing us towards Christmas.


maurcheen said...

Lovely photie of you when you were little :-D

It's wet & windy here. The weather ain't too good either!

What would you like to hear my dear? :)


maurcheen said...
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Chef Files said...

Angelic then, angelic now...

However, for pity sake hen, did you really have to waken the clanging monkey and his penchant for shouty Christmas cheer?

Thom Robinson said...

I'll take hot outside any day. love the photo :)

hope said...

maurcheen: thanks...and today it's wet and windy and warm! Supposedly on Christmas morning it will be cold. Whatever your best Christmas song is, will be good with me. :)

Chef:Yeah, all my halos are made of tinsel. ;) Yep, I need some Christmas music to go with my Elf work. I just shipped 3 bows to our soldiers and they're as giddy as kids at Christmas.

Thom: just got your card...mahalo! I swore last year I wasn't sending any and I only sent a less than that in return. I guess the electronic age will kill that tradition. I'd be happier with "seasonal" because my head is acting like it's pollen season! Hi to HRH Hank. Have a great Christmas my friend!