Saturday, December 21, 2013


What do you mean today is the shortest day of the year?
How am I suppose to settle down for a long winter's nap
if I don't have a long enough day?

Hmmm.  I'll figure out something.
Let me sleep on it.


Chef Files said...

No time for rest my wee cheffie pal, we have many trays of sausage rolls to bake, buns to ice and chestnut stuffing to prepare. We shall start of course with a large, stiff brandy and go on from there.

hope said...

Ah, tis the dog who is King of Naps. I have been in charge of laundry and bookkeeping today. And although upon re-reading it sounds like I'm an amateur bookie, I fear it was the usual Saturday chores.

But I have the next 2 weeks off for vacation...yes, I merely vacated my desk but you never know. Would be glad to join you in the kitchen, which I consider a place of relaxation and not work. And I do need to learn a good sausage roll recipe. :)

maurcheen said...

It is not well known but I am head chef and bottle washer at tigh Maurcheen. I have cooked all meals from the first day I carried wee Annette over the threshold. And like you, it is not work but joyous relaxation, and pure pleasure. Enjoy your break my dear friend, Nollaig shown duit. :)


Chef Files said...

Carried? Was I the only one to pull a strange face here? May the saints preserve the very lovely Annette, she will never fully realise the danger she was in.

hope said...

maurcheen: he of the many talents, I salute you. :)

Chef:now I have to admit I misread our singer's comments at first and thought he meant he was the chief bottle washer in YOUR kitchen. ;)