Wednesday, November 27, 2013


You mean you don't do the
 "Happy, happy, joy, joy Thursday we're eating Thanksgiving Turkey!"  

That's right, some of y'all aren't from around here.
Have a good weekend anyway.

As for my peeps, 
they will be steering clear of all the madness known 
as Black Friday Shopping.


Thom Robinson said...

Happy Thankagiving to you and your family. Bou as well. I never shop on Black Friday. PFFFT. Rather work to pay Uncle Sam LOL. Hank says gobble gobble!

Chef Files said...

Enjoy yourself hen, although most of us outside of America have not got a clue what your annual celebration involving pilgrims and Indians is all about.

hope said...

Thom: not a shopping fan, let me tell you. Hi to Hank..miss seeing him!

Chef: the "truth" is the pilgrims were celebrating their harvest, which evidently was preceded by a fast, then a feast. The part they left out when we were in school is not that the Indians came for dinner, but that had they not provided most of the meal, the Pilgrims would've starved.

And that first Thanksgiving? Those 2 groups partied for 3 days!

Chef Files said...

Ah, now I am up to speed after a little more light reading. Everyone loves a good party my dear!