Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm Off..whether on an adventure or out of my mind, we'll see

Taking 21 of my senior citizens to the Beach on Monday for 3 days, 
with the highlight of the trip a matinee live Christmas music show 
at Alabama Theatre. 
 I know.  
It seemed like a good idea at the time...
even if it's too early to contemplate Christmas.

Fashionable 3 year old me, 
complete with Beach jacket made my Grandma,
bids you a good week.

(The hat, I think, returned itself to China).


maurcheen said...

Cute photie my friend. Your song choice over at my place soon, before Monday anyhoos. Have a great time with yer seniors, I seem to be making friends with lots in the hospital these days, they have such good stories.;-)

Chef Files said...

You always was a trend setter my dear. Enjoy!

hope said...

maurcheen: most of the time, I love my group. Right now, it's like trying to wrangle cats...and one of them has a new girl friend. Ironically he won't share a room with her because some of the group are his neighbors and might get judgmental. They''re both widowed and in their 70s. And yet I'm sworn to secrecy that they're going down a day early to (gasp) share a room, then meet us at our designation the next day. Like dealing with a bad school boy, I've been requested to cover for them with a casual, "Oh, they left early." Sigh. You see, they won't go by bus, we have to carpool. That's a whole other set of patience skills...and why I get my own room. :)

Chef: glad to amuse. That hat was made of straw lacquered with heaven knows what, but it could've killed a kid if she'd fallen on it's pointy top. :)

maurcheen said...

Song for you at chéz Maurcheen. :¬)