Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dorothy Was Right...

...there's no place like home!  

Which is where I've returned after the most drama filled 3 day Beach trip with 21 of my senior citizens.   They refuse to go on a bus, enjoying the "freedom" carpooling allows them...."them" being the shopaholics.   Of course that freedom is sometimes sad....I got a call at 7:30 a.m. this morning from  one of the seniors that they'd had to leave in the middle of the night due to a death in the family.  

At times, it was like herding cats.  At least the Comedian between acts at the Matinee Theater Show gave me a good laugh.  I'm calling this outing the "Comedy of Errors Tour"...which included one of the Dining Room waiters excitedly whispering to me that I looked just like a certain actress and hadn't anyone ever told me that before?!  Despite his well meaning enthusiasm, it wasn't a very complimentary comparison...she's older than me and although I'm not skinny, I'm not as "big" as she is either.  But bless his heart, he thought he was making my day so offered my politest "no" with a semi-frozen smile.  He waved at me every morning at breakfast. 

This time of year the weather is usually decent and we get non-seasonal rates, with the added benefit of everyone getting an ocean front room with balcony.  The rooms are like efficiency apartments, complete with microwave, full size refrigerator, coffeepot, ironing board/iron, hair dryer, safe and the now expected free Wi-Fi.  Since our last visit, with the old air force base closed, commercial flights are now directed, you guessed it...right over our hotel!  So between "sleeping" on a bed which felt as if it was filled with rocks and springs, the sound of ice makers dumping in the middle of the night and sounding suspiciously like gunshots and flights every 45 minutes, sleeping will be something I do tonight.

For November the weather was almost spring like...until this morning.   I took this at 6:30 a.m. on my balcony with my cell phone... and it was 18 degrees (-7C).   Watching the local news I saw that some time after midnight it had actually snowed!  Nothing stuck but the wind was at gale force level for most of the night and those palm trees spent half that time bent over, as if reaching for the ocean.
At one point I discovered how well the door to my balcony DIDN'T seal when the curtains started dancing with the trees outside! 

So tomorrow, as I go back to work to face a Staff Meeting and who knows what kind of messages from the seniors who decided to stay and shop a little longer while the rest of us left for home at 9 a.m., I will smile and say we had a swell time.  Because that's what the majority of the seniors said to me as I checked with each group before leaving...

"This was so much fun!  When can we do it again?"


Chef Files said...

"herding cats", an exemplary expression which made me pause for thought.

maurcheen said...

Welcome home missus. :)


hope said...

Chef: ever tried to get a cat to go in the direction you want? Same thing with 21 adults over the age of 70 who all "know" more than you do. Even if you're holding the room keys and the show tickets. :)

maurcheen: thanks! That tune of yours kept me sane...I let "you" sing it in my head.

JeannetteLS said...

I have always loved that image of herding cats because there is nothing that quite matches it... and it describes your scene perfectly. I've been absent for a long time, and it's so good to read your blog.

And it just says the world to me that each group had that farewell message--my guess is it did not necessarily make YOUR heart soar.
Anyway, it is good to be in here and READ again!

hope said...

JeannetteLS: glad to "see" you again! After a couple of days to rest and recoup, I guess I'd be seen in public with that group again. :) Have a great weekend!

Rob-bear said...

Herding cats sounds about right. But admit it: you had fun with them!

Blessings and Bear hugs!