Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Yet more proof that, in the country, Morning Glories will climb almost anything.  
Including weeds.

The variety of colors is remarkable. 
Click on the photos to see how brilliant they are.

And this one looks like it has a light bulb inside!

High up on his morning perch upon the peak of the house is
Walter, the Grumpy Security Guard Mockingbird.
Upon seeing me taking his photo without permission,
he glared and flew off across the yard.
His newest trick?
He's learned to mimic the sound of the driveway sensor
 that lets Hubby know customers have arrived at the Shop.
And Bou, who loves to race the golf cart down the driveway to get the morning paper
(remember, our driveway is almost a quarter mile long)
is insisting I put down the camera so he can run.
A passerby might hear harsh, repetitive barks.
I just hear, "Go!  Go!  Go!"

Go on and have a great week!


Chef Files said...

Great photies hen, you are spot on about the vivid colours too.

hope said...

Thanks Chef! Most people can't believe that I haven't photo shopped them...they really are that bright!

maurcheen said...

Those 'weeds' really do look like they are lit up from the inside. Just like me eh? :¬)


hope said...

maurcheen: yep! Bou wants to know if he can do a duet with you. ;)

Thom Robinson said...

Bou is the bomb!!!! Beautiful photos :)