Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back to Normal, Whatever That Is

Shoes empty of sand.  
(If you're confused, see prior post)

Celebrating Fall, I just cut off about 5" of hair, putting me back to shoulder length. My beautician is co-owner of the local Beauty School, so my baby fine hair will become an experiment for her students learning to color and perm. She teases I'm the only customer who grows long hair in the summer and chops it in the autumn. Like my Grandma, I need to keep it OFF my neck in warm months. It's October, I figured now it was safe.
Today, Mother Nature is having a Hot Flash.  The high will reach 90 degrees.  (32C)
So on my drive to and fro today, I focused on finding the positive.  Or at least the interesting.  If only I'd had my camera with me.  I saw:

A Buzzard sunning on the remains of an old pine tree, bare of bark.  
Seated on top, he looked like part of an ancient totem pole.

In front of a country church was a lovely display of Yellow and Orange Mums, 
along with a dancing Purple Ghost.  
(The kind kept in motion by a motor pumping air in them...think Used Car Lots).
It was so weird my first thought was, "In front of a church?  It's purple.  
Does that make it a holy ghost?"
(Sorry, my sense of humor makes odd connections during pollen season).

Later, coming out of a big box store I was walking through the garden section when I saw a little yellow finch hopping oddly. A second glance made me realize he was tangled in the weeds trailing behind him. I looked around, wondering why no one was stopping to do something.

That's when my conscience replied, "And what's wrong with you?"

Nothing like internal nagging as a call to action.  Now I'll be the first to admit that when the occasional Chimney Swift gets in the house, I have no problem paging Hubby to deal with it.  I'm not big on flapping wings and sharp beaks, plus I know he'll be able to catch and release without harming it.  But this finch was so little, I felt a kinship.  I know how it feels to be pushed around in the rush of the world, with everyone too busy going by to notice if something isn't right.

So, softy that I am, I pushed my cart to one side and tentatively stepped on the trail of weeds and string to see how Mr. Finch would react.  He was so tired, he just stood there, blinking.  There was no way to free him without holding on to him so as gently as possible, I wrapped my hand around him, cradling him the way Hubby holds those wayward birds he's about to release, even though they want to live in the house.

Without thinking, I began talking softly to Mr. Finch, as if he understood me babbling about how he was safe and I wouldn't hurt him.  It took a couple of minutes to untangle the mess he'd gotten himself into, but it seems that having small fingers made the job easier.  That's when I noticed two things: never once did he wiggle or try to flee once I started working to free him.  And for once in my life, I truly didn't care what anyone passing by might've thought. 

When his tiny foot was free (and honestly, I was afraid I might break it as it was so small!), I gently set him down on top of some purple mums, took a step back and held my breath.  He looked at me for a moment, realized he truly was free and off he flew like a shot.  You couldn't have pried that stupid grin off my face on the way home.

Sometimes you wonder when you set things in motion if they'll have a good result or if anyone will even notice.  Yesterday I posted this on our Charity site.
Somehow it's comforting to have life acknowledge
 that the simplest things make a difference...
even if it's only freeing a little bird.

Suddenly, that sand doesn't seem so annoying anymore.



savannah said...

cheers, sister hope! *hugs* xoxoxo

hope said...

Thanks Sav!

Kim Ayres said...

And the bird crap you had to clean off the car later was...

Sorry ;)

Wonderful tale. Having had to remove frightened birds from the house before now, I can only marvel that this one didn't panic when you picked it up :)

hope said...

Kim: :)
Honestly, I think the poor little thing was so exhausted it didn't have the strength to peck at me. Hubby seemed impressed that I stopped to he won't be that impressed if a bird gets in the HOUSE again and I still ask him to handle it. ;)

Thom Robinson said...

The simple things bring so much pleasure. We need more of that always.