Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Long Weekend!

I know, I'm late.
I had to work last night and open my Center for a family reunion.  
Once I was done, I was convinced my family is better.  :)  

After having me get out 40 extra chairs the day before, the woman in charge demanded I remove all the green chairs from the room an hour before her event because, "I detest lime green!"  
Ironically she's the one who put them IN the room the day before, 
without complaint.
Ah, the perks of being a public servant.

However Hubby brought in dinner for us and kept me company 
while we listened to some poor, tone deaf older gentleman try to lead the group
 in a gospel song that might've made God wince in pain. 

When we finally got home, 
we were greeted by Bou,
 who was grinning like Elvis to see his missing peeps.

His suggestion is that you go play, don't eat too much and don't forget to nap.  :)


Titus said...

I like the advice. Probably won't take it, but like it (in a biscuit phase at the moment. Is that a cookie phase, or do you have biscuits too?)

maurcheen said...

Bou meant to add "Tell Stew to have a beer or two!" :¬)


hope said...

Titus: yes, it's cookies here. Biscuits in the south means "comes with each meal, may be smothered in butter and or jam of choice". :)

Maurcheen:Why yes, he did. I just forgot to type it. ;)

Titus said...

Ta. Still not quite sure what a biscuit is though. Kind of a plain wheat-y thing?

hope said...

Titus: it just hit me...think scones!

When I was a kid, I thought scones were these cone shaped pastries to fill with butter and jam. When my English neighbor showed me one, I remember grumbling, "What? That looks like a biscuit!"