Thursday, September 12, 2013

Full Circle

A week ago I posted the photo below, taken by Hubby as we watched what the wind does with smoke as old corn husks are burning in an open field.

Today I had to attend a work related lecture, which turned out to be about spotting bad weather, specifically Tornadoes, in the making.  Not only was it held at the Fire Dept.'s Training Center, after having taught us what to look for, the Meteorologist asked if the photo we were looking at was a rather large tornado.  While the rest of the emergency personnel from law enforcement, fire and ambulance services looked stumped, I smiled.  

"Firemen...think!" he prodded as they looked at each other.

"It's smoke," I muttered quietly.

"Right!" he yelled, looking at me.

Afterwards I shared the scenario of the photo below.  After what we learned today, I hope Smoke-nadoes are all I ever witness firsthand!


Chef Files said...

Clever lady, sometimes a wee bit of knowledge can open many doors otherwise closed.

hope said...

Chef: when you live out in the middle of nowhere in a 130 year old house surrounded on all sides by fields, you get good a spotting storms in the making. :)

Titus said...

Top of the class! Best uniform too?