Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not Ready to Saddle Up Just Yet

This week more than one of my Blog Buddies has decided to close up shop 
and ride off into the sunset.
Go back to the "real world".

I understand.

But I'm not ready to hit the trail yet. 
I may have outgrown the outfit...
but not that kid's sense of curiosity.

See you on down the road.
If not, happy trails to you....til we meet again.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I miss it but I just don't have the time. But you know what, as we have both found out, even without a blog there are ways to keep up with one another. Yes it might not be on a daily basis but you know you have proven to me that meeting on line you can become friends and I am grateful for our talks, our happiness, our sorrows but most important, just being friends.

hope said...

Thanks Thom: ditto!

Máirtín Stíobhaird said...

'Waves from a new place'! :¬)


hope said...

Hi Map! *waving back*

I've been there and came back here. In the future, I may venture back. At the time, all anyone wanted to do was sell their photos, artwork, etc. or talk about geek gadgets. There wasn't enough conversation to keep me happy.

Máirtín Stíobhaird said...

OOOPS! The link should have brought you to my new blog, not where it DID bring you! Back to the drawing board!