Sunday, July 14, 2013

Channeling the "Greats"

Standing in my kitchen, 
peeling peaches,
I was in the shadow of this print which hangs in the Dining Room.

It belonged to my Great Grandmother Lizzie Faires Davis 
and according to my Mom,
it hung in Great Grandma's Dining Room.

(A fact I found out months after I hung it in my house)

I took those peaches 
and combined them with a recipe given to me 
by Lizzie's daughter, Hazeline...
a.k.a. the Grandmother I called 

Just the aroma of pulling that cobbler out of the oven 
brought back memories of being at Memaw's in the summer 
and impatiently waiting for her to break out the cobbler.

For one brief moment,  
three generations of Peach Cobbler Bakers
shared space in my kitchen.


mapstew said...

Family is everything.



Pat said...

Peaches are perfect here for a brief moment. I love their velvet skin.

Margaret said...

Lovely painting and frame... I assume the frame is just as old? The cobbler looks amazing!