Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday 55

It's Friday morning...did you gift the G-man with a 55 word story?  Don't forget to share it with him  and have a great weekend!

She’d experienced a year’s worth of work stupidity.
And it was only May.
Time for a vacation.
She left a note on her Boss’ desk.

There once was a woman named hope.
Who was close to the end of her rope.
But rather than curse
Came a 55 verse
In hopes Friday G-man won’t mope.


g-man said...

Me mope?
It's your fault Hopeless, I've grown accustomed to your
Weekly bits of sarcasm. When you deny me I go thru
a bit of Withdrawel !
Loved your rhimey 55
Thanks always for your unwavering loyalty
Have A Kick Ass Week End

Other Mary said...

Love that limerick!

mapstew said...

Great Limerick!

(It's where I Live!) :¬)