Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Need Encouragement?

I write a monthly newsletter for my Senior Citizens.  One of the things they've come to expect are those "Did you know?" tidbits.  Sure, they're filler, but if the seniors want to think I'm just really smart in a very few words, that's okay.

The one for next month was worth sharing.  I think as many folks make "resolutions" in the warmth of Spring as they do with a New Year's glass of champagne in hand.  You know.  Spring in FINALLY taking something off the property instead of merely pushing it from one side of the room to another.  Taking a special vacation.  Losing weight...which should probably wait until after the special vacation, unless wearing a bathing suit is involved.   Perhaps this little tidbit will spur you to action.  If not, at least you learned something new today.

Did you know it takes about 21 days 
to break a bad habit...or reach a new goal?  
Try this trick to help you.

Humans have a need to SEE results.  
So find a place at home which you pass every day, like a bookcase or door frame.
Add 21 numbered Post-it strips in a line.
At the end of each day, you'll have the "joy" of removing one.
Seeing those days peel away will motivate you to stay on track,
while giving you a sense of accomplishment.


savannah said...

that's a great idea! now, if i can find the post it tags i bought last year... ;~) xoxoxox

mapstew said...

We had some fine dry weather last weekend (it's wet & miserable again now, yipee!) and I finally got to do a clear-out of the shed! With the help of the Youngest I managed to make a lot of space (for now) and got a lot of crap moved to the recycling depot! Makes the heid feel better too! :¬)