Saturday, April 6, 2013

Already a Winner

Back in October, I casually mentioned to someone here that Hubby and I, plus Bou the dog who loves to ride, jumped in the truck to deliver a bow to one of our soldiers.  Most of the time our Charity ships the bows to qualifying soldiers, but  I love when we get face-to-face time to say "Thank you" to those who guard our freedom.  So when the next soldier's name came up for a bow and we discovered he was at an Army Archery Clinic at Ft. Belvoir in Viriginia, we checked the map and decided to deliver in person.  

It was 7 hours up to Virginia, a couple of hours spent with Chad to make sure he and the bow were happy with each other, than 7 hours home.  And yes, I did go to work the next day.  A little saddle sore, but happy.  How can you not feel joy when you can make an adult look like a kid on Christmas with a new toy?

And now I'm grinning ear to ear. Guess who made the Army's team for the Wounded Warrior Games, the equivalent of the military Olympics?
That's right.  Chad!

We consider all "our soldiers" as part of a new family that we care about even after the "delivery" is made.  
So join me in yelling "Congratulations" to one of our own!

(And if you have  Facebook page, you can tell him yourself 
by going to the charity's page:
 Crossroads Wounded Warrior Archery Foundation)


Anonymous said...

Congrats... What a fun little trip, albeit quick but so worth it :)

savannah said...

well done, sugar! good news for everyone! xoxoxo

mapstew said...

Well done all!

(It wasn't that many years ago that trips that long were a daily occurrence for me when I worked a a courier! I don't miss the long journeys!)

May the week ahead be good to you. :¬)


hope said...

Thank's y'all! Chad's wife said this has really helped him, which means in turn, his family is happier too. :)