Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Did It!


Exactly one year TO THE DAY,
in today's mail was our Tax Exempt Status from the I.R.S., 
allowing folks to make tax deductible contributions to our charity.
(And that, my friends, is where the BIG money and Grants begin).

Excuse me while I go scream "Hallelujah!" at the top of my lungs.

That's the perks of living in the country.
No one will care about the noise because they aren't close enough to hear it.
Bou says that's something to howl about.
Pardon me, I feel a duet coming on.
Who cares if it's raining?!


Anonymous said...

WOOT! Congrats. I can hear Hank and myself joining in the choir. :)

savannah said...

congratulations! well done you! i LOVE that pic of absolute joy!! ;) xoxoxox

hope said...

Thanks Thom. Bou says Hank can do the harmony. ;)

Thanks Sav! I swear one of these days that dog will talk. Well, he kinda did. He was howling and Hubby put the cellphone in front of him in Text mode. I get a message that says, "Um...hello". Followed by "Ooh, ooh, baby, girl, ooh." I wouldn't believe it if I didn't watch that "experiment" again at home myself. As long as Bou doesn't start YELLING at me to fix his dinner. :)