Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well, the Good News is....we're back in the Center!  The Senior Citizens are ecstatic.  I might be as soon as the building has gotten "back to normal", which means another week of me cleaning, hanging know.  Getting the house in order.

The Bad News appears someone wasn't thinking when they installed our lights.  They're great.  In theory.  Motion sensors turn on the lights as soon as you enter the room.  I don't have to worry about putting down things to hit the switch or forgetting to turn on the lights in the Library before the seniors arrive.

Yep, motion sensors turn on the lights.  And 5 minutes later, the lights turn off.  Although it was comical for the first hour, it soon became tiresome.  I would sit at my desk, now in the back of the room because some idiot....I mean uninformed soul...moved the only telephone line to the back of the room.  This is where the phone and computer now live.  We're all fine for 5 minutes, then LIGHTS OUT and I'm left to bask in the glow of the computer monitor.


The problem occurs with the fact that senior citizens don't exactly break land speed records when moving in a room.  Yesterday the lights went out as a senior and I, sitting on opposite couches in my office, were talking.  She gasped and wanted to know what happened.  I told her, she looked overhead and noticed there was a sensor there, so she waved her hand.  So for the next 30 minutes that we talked, when the lights went out, she'd wave a hand wildly above her head to make them come back on.  It looked like I was chatting with a deranged Queen.   The last straw was this morning when a senior yelled, "Hey, who turned off the lights?  I was in the bathroom and I wasn't done!"  What scared me is that this woman uses a walker.  I have once again brought this to the Boss' attention, only to be passed off to Maintenance, who reminded me he'd called the Electrician.
Yeah, FOUR days ago.

Reminds me of what a fellow government employee told me when I was hired.  "Working for government is like being a mushroom. You're kept in the dark and fed shit."  (Sorry Mom, but that's a direct quote).

As for the Ugly?  That's what I'm trying not to get while waiting on the Electrician to come remedy the problem.   I'm guessing he and the Computer Tech who is suppose to "unlock" my computer, which no longer claims to know me after 16 months of silence, may be out to lunch together.

I just hope they're not permanently out to lunch.

Bear with me.  Our Programming here at the Mushroom Farm should resume sometime before I'm old enough to retire.


Chef Files said...

Hahaha... I laughed out loud at this post hen, brilliant, comic, but full of pathos for our dear Hope.

mapstew said...

That was funny!

I don't have to imagine your deranged Queen, I meet quite a few of them in my business! :¬)


G-Man said...


Have a Kick Ass Week-End anyway!


Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh good grief! Why do people not think of the obvious when they install things like automatic lights? I sure hope that electrician shows up soon... with your computer in tow perhaps? Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

hope said...

Chef: yep if I don't laugh, I cry. And then I baffled the Electrician later by using logic to his "but it's code for public buildings" by replying, "to leave people in the dark?"

Map:the things I do to make you people smile. :)

G-man: why yes it IS pathetic and I don't mean my lack of time to write a 55. ;)

Ponita: at least the weekend was fun..see next post.