Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thanks Kim A....I needed that

Sometimes it's nice to know that someone notices your absence, even if it's just being quiet.  (For once).

Shoulder is better and I'm not getting on my nerves as much as previously.  There's still a little tingle in the hand, but it's gradually disappearing.  The new ear infection, (from sleeping weird during bad shoulder days) is under control and my attitude should improve once the antibiotic kicks in.  :)

Our charity is busy with a BIG event coming up on March 2nd: a Fun Shoot Clinic for our Soldiers and a Fundraiser Dinner on THE SAME DAY!  Not my choice, but when you're dealing with national celebrities in the outdoor world, you have to stick to the schedule of their choice. 

After sixteen months of being in a "temporary" office rumor has it there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Seems like they just kept moving the tunnel, but I think I might find it in spite of their attempts.  It hasn't made me a happy camper and to be honest, the last thing I wrote was so depressing that, upon reading it,  I deleted it.

Kim A., I think you just handed me my Happy back.

I'm always the one looking out for others.  It was nice to have someone check on me for a change.  Thanks!

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