Sunday, January 13, 2013


I have often laughed about the dumbing down of life in general....where surveys which once used words to gain your opinion now use smiley or frowny faces.  But in an age where we spend so much time dealing with "faceless" people, the most dehumanizing moment of all is those stupid codes that make you "prove" you're a real person.  You know, type in the squished up letters and/or numbers to prove you're not a robot about to send spam.  I don't mind actually proving I have a pulse, but the manner in which these little gems are formed is becoming ridiculous at best.

First there were letters.  A jumble of random letters which occasionally spelled out something funny. Then a number was added.  Bored with this, the powers that be turned to letters, mixing capitals with lower case, with a number thrown in the mix.  When the numbers started to slide together, as if melting or going on a rollercoaster ride, I started to get a bit annoyed.  I shouldn't have to turn my head at an angle to figure out if that squiggle is a letter or a number just to prove I'm real.  At that point I want to type in, "I'm real annoyed right now!"

Yesterday, I hit my limit.  Yesterday, a site made me do math. 


After completing some bit of paperwork I was asked to do the following to prove I was human.
What is One + 5


Makes you almost want to deal with real people just so they can see the expression on your face.

Have a good week.  No secret password needed.


Chef Files said...

Hope, do not get me started on real people, passwords or the like. I spend less and less time online due to far too much electronic nonsense imposed upon us. Take me back to the 70s when life was more fun and people spoke to each other face to face.

savannah said...

*sigh* amen, sister hope! i removed that impediment on my blog and sincerely wish all our pals would do the same! xoxoxox

Thom said...

LOL I make you pick pictures on my blog to get on LOL. I've deleted my Google+ account. Am I sad? Hell No...any good friends there I have made will no how to stay in touch. Gotta email you with more details of work etc. I guess I'm just tired of passwords as well LOL. Oooo tomorrow is a big day for ya!!!!! :)