Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh I'm Here...Just Quietly

Been doing more reading than writing lately as I pinched a nerve in my shoulder and it's made typing more than painful. As soon as I can type more than a paragraph I'll share the delightful saga of how I was so stupid...or unlucky...or whatever term won't make me seem like a moron.  

In the meantime, more work with the soldiers has been done.  How can you not feel good when looking at a face like this?  And how can you not want to slap politicians who think war is a good idea when you find out this kid was a mere 19 when injured and had to leave the Army due to medical reasons?

Instead, I focus on that face.  How could you NOT want to help him out?

With apologies to his Mom, who was so thrilled that her son had received a bow she exclaimed on Facebook, "He even made the cover of their magazine!"

Um.   We don't have a magazine.  In fact if you look, the magazine doesn't really have a title.

So I had to go back and add a disclaimer that it was merely a photo editing option on my new camera.  But hey, it's still HER SON, right?


Anonymous said...

OUch!!! Poor Mama...you just had to go and burst her bubble LOL She can still be extremely proud of him.

savannah said...

How could you NOT want to help him out?

i am honored to know you, sister hope! xoxoxo

mapstew said...

I said it before and I'll say it again, you are good people! :¬)

(Sorry 'bout the shoulder, I feel your pain. I put my back out on Sunday, it's, as we say here, bollixed!)


Rachel Fox said...

Clever camera!