Thursday, January 3, 2013

Friday 55

The only resolution I even attempt is to write the G-man a 55 word story each Friday.  Why?  Because odds are I can actually keep that one.

He’d grown tired of the noise.
The last minute shoppers.
Late customers who showed up at dinner time
while he was trying to head out the door.

He’d found the joy of Christmas in two places.

The red glow of retreating taillights.

And a nap with his new toy,
which doubled as a nose warmer.

 Well, he IS the Security Guard in Hubby's shop.
When he's not taking one of his 10 naps.


Brian Miller said...

awww cute pups....i like the new toy....happy holidays and new year to both of you

Yvonne Osborne said...

I can't do resolutions, even that one. I, too, found comfort in departing tailights, the comfort of quiet. But I could use a nose warmer! Thanks and Happy New Year!

brandi said...

Dogs are awesome. He is a cutie pie and I can see how people would annoy him, hell, they annoy me! Give him a snorgle for me!

G-Man said...

Now THATS a Resolution that pleases me GREATLY!
Your Puppy looks very intimidating.
Loved your Canine 55 Hope.
Thanks for playing, thanks for the commitment, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.
(And you do know that I'll come looking for you if you feel like playing hooky don't you?)

Mama Zen said...


Chef Files said...

That is one great photie hen.

Margaret said...

AWE. Yes, I think they are happy when things get back to normal too!