Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Time For IPYPIASM

Time for what? I hear you asking, scratching your head.  Well Titus explains all here.

Short version?  Think of it as commando poetry.  Write a poem, place it in a shop, take a photo to prove you left it behind, then truly leave it behind to give harried shoppers a smile or two.

This year, I opted for two smiles.  (Titus, I hope you're proud!)  Click on photos to make them larger.'re it!  
Go on.  
Try it.  
It's fun!
And it might even make a weary shopper grin.


Titus said...

Bursting with pride, and love them both. The furry chicken is genius.
And exactly the spirit Niamh envisaged!

Chef Files said...

Hah.. love it hen, nice idea, but probably get you arrested over here.

hope said...

Titus: you ARE an inspiration. :)

Chef: actually, a lovely woman in Ireland began this exercise and my friend Titus in Scotland was the one who challenged me to do it!

mapstew said...

He's just affeared of gettin' arrested! :¬)


Chef Files said...

Damn those pesky Irish and their vagabond ways!

angryparsnip said...

Love the poem about the Christmas dog treats.
Titus inspired me and I will post a poem tomorrow on my blog.
A very poor excuse of a poem but it was fun.

cheers, parsnip

The Bug said...

Those are great! And the first one is SO TRUE!!!