Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday 55

Well it's the last 55 word story for this year...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year.  Stop by and give the G-man credit for a year's worth of fun.

Reaching for the dish soap on the grocery shelf, 
she found a small note which read:

I was here 
and you were not
Now you’re here 
and I've moved on.
Doesn’t matter.
The wish remains
May you find JOY
Wherever you go.

With a smile, 
she realized washing dishes wouldn’t be so bad this week.

And yes, this is one final nod to the 2012 Internationally famous IPYPIASM
(International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month) 
although this is one of my older entries.  
This year's saga begins  here.


brandi said...

Message in a bottle? Sorta...Message BY a bottle!

G-Man said...

Ive never heard of such a crazy idea...I Love It!!!
Just as Love your whimsical 55
Just as I love your weekly fun and unwavering support. You Rock Baby!
Thanks for always being here,(Except for one week....:P)
Have a Kick Ass New Year

Heaven said...

Fun and good way to promote the product ~ Happy Friday ~

Margaret said...

Ha. if all partings could go so smoothly .