Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday 55

Take a moment for yourself and pause, just long enough to craft a 55 word story for our favorite host, the G-man.  And don't forget to share with him.

“Tree decorated.
Cards sent.
Cookies baked
Gifts purchased.
Carols on.
Stockings hung with care.
Not a creature stirring: mice dealt with.
Christmas feels like a chore list,” she sighed.
“And why are you looking at that while I work?” 
she added, pointing at the photo album.

“Because this is how Christmas should look,” he smiled. 

 No, I didn't go on to become a nurse...
I have the compassion, but not the stomach for it.

However, I did come from an era in which girls in dresses didn't flash the undies their great aunts gave them for Christmas every year.   

Here's wishing you all the childhood wonder and joy of the season!


Chef Files said...

Sweet cheeks, sadly, women rarely wear dresses these days, favouring trousers, jeans and pant suits instead.

Call me oul fashioned, but I remember a time when ladies were a lot better dressed than these days.

You always was a trend setter hen.

Anonymous said...

What a nice write. I love the mice have been dealt with. Presumably, there's a cat with a full stomach. :-) Have a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

i love all the Christmas preparations! not to say they don't make me crazy sometimes. {smile}

"mice dealt with"

great line!

Merry Christmas!

brandi said...

LOL, poor mice. I never have the heart to "deal" with them with their cute faces, big ears and beady, shiny eyes. But my husband sure doesn't the same issue. I agree with the political ani-political cartoon you posted previously. Amen. People, grieve, and shut up. Ugh, I hate watching the news.

mapstew said...

Great photie!

Nollaig shona duit! :¬)


G-Man said...

Hope Springs Eternal!!!
What a great Friend and 55er you have been thru the years. Love b/w pics. You were a Hottie even then!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End
Merry Christmas....G

Other Mary said...

Awww - this is great! And a good reminder for me. I've been paying way too much attention to the chore list side of Christmas lately! Hope you have a happy one. :o)

Titus said...

That is such a brilliant photo!

And I loved the 'mice dealt with'.
Great 55.

Margaret said...

Well, someone worked very hard for that little girl (you) to look so beautiful in her nice setting. Don't all mom's? :)