Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bumpy Road

I warn you, this isn't a happy post.  No, it's sad on one hand and discomforting on the other.  So why share?  Because I know y'all care. And talking helps.

Hubby's archery mentor had a heart attack Christmas night and was dead less than 24 hours later.  Hubby has somehow fallen into the position of aiding the family with all those endless telephone calls that come with an unexpected death.  I know.  I made those calls when Hubby's father died unexpectedly. As if losing someone literally at Christmas wasn't hard enough, they've had to push the funeral back so that this man wouldn't be buried on his birthday.  The upbeat note of this is that last year, there was a blow out bash for his 80th birthday and he had a blast!   So in the never take anything for granted mode, think about the people in your life as the new year approaches.

The other item which struck me as unsettling, as in uncomfortable,  is a set of soldier portraits which appear here.  They are young soldiers, for the most part, with shots taken before they left for a war zone, in that combat zone and when they returned home.  Their eyes say so much without them uttering a word.  I choose to see them not as victims, but survivors.  Perhaps in 2013 the human race will smarten up and figure out that war is no way to settle our differences.

Thanks for listening.  You give me....hope.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmm yup not a happy post but endearing to say the least. It so shows what I have always known about you my friend....the warm compassionate woman that cares and gives many of us hope that by some small chance things will change and the world will become a better place to live. Not saying it isn't now, but there are many things that need a great deal of improvement. I send my condolences and will send you much aloha and sunshine your way once I get out of this damn San Francisco Airport....back to my Hank, warmth, pool and all around warm weather :)