Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tis The Season....Almost

Ah yes, almost Halloween and the Christmas decorations are already starting to crowd the next aisle.  No wonder folks don't feel "Merry" by the time Christmas gets here.

That said, you know there's always that ONE person on your list who either has everything or can buy anything he/she wants.  I had one relative who fit in that category and I would spend months trying to come up with a unique gift idea.  I'd listen to each conversation, mining it for tidbits of a hint of something which might bring her joy at the holidays.  I'd discover an idea, squirrel it away and never take the conversation in that direction again.

A week before Christmas, she would go out and buy it. It was like she had Gift ESP.

This week I received the most unusual catalog ever...and I've gotten quite a few over the years.  But it made me think...if that relative was still alive....

Here, take a look.
First, how could you ignore such a title?
Secondly, look at what it allows you to....purchase.
Go on, click on the picture so you can see it better. 

This group appears so dedicated to helping make the world a better place, 
even the catalog is made of 100% recycled materials
 and printed with "eco-friendly vegetable inks".

So if you have someone on your gift list 
with literally has EVERYTHING they need,
this is a way to give a gift twice.

Just a thought.


Chef Files said...

Put my name down for one of those goats please Hope. $120 seems very reasonable to me. Besides, I do a mean goat curry.

hope said... a Capricorn, I'm not sure I'm allowed to aid and abet on that. :)

That said, you no doubt have a wonderful recipe.

I didn't do any cooking this weekend as Hubby and I represented our charity and took a Bow to a wounded solider in Virginia: 7 hours there, an hour or two with the soldier, then turned around and 7 hours home. I may seem a little slow today............


Pearl said...

$120 for a goat?

Man, that guy at the bus stop ripped me off!


Pat said...

I think there should be a law that Christmas isn't mentioned until - at the earliest - December and that Halloween shoould be done away with.
Mrs Scrooge

hope said...

Pearl: :)

Pat: I agree with the Christmas theme. Sadly, the Halloween of my youth is slowly fading away because when a 6'4" 18 year old comes to the door and DEMANDS candy (and insinuates "or else"), the world is in a sorry state.