Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Long Arm of Hurricane Sandy

I will be the first to admit that South Carolina has been lucky.  Hurricane Sandy took a run at Florida, then waltzed around us like we had the plague before making a beeline for North Carolina.

We've experienced lots of gusty wind and have had wind advisories which began last Friday afternoon and run until tomorrow night.  Halloween...how appropriate. We've also been forbidden to burn anything as things are now extra dry.

I've been shocked at some of the photos I've seen of damage...having been through Hurricane Hugo, I understand exactly how those people feel.  The flooding, though, has been beyond comprehension.  I actually saw a photo today of a home near the New Jersey coastline where a small SHARK was swimming in the front yard, right past the front porch.

This afternoon, as I approached home, I realized the long arm of Sandy is still trying to reach out and smack us.  Click on the photo to get the full effect, as I took it in panorama mode.   The dark is the storm...the blue sky was what it looked like over my home.

And there's no place like home.

If Sandy is visiting in your neck of the woods, be safe!


Chef Files said...

Mother Nature and Father Time... two very powerful individuals who are not to be taken lightly.

Rachel Fox said...

Certainly we have relatives in NJ who are sitting waiting for the water to back off now!

hope said...

Chef: you said it!

Rachel: I hope everyone in your family is safe!

Ponita in Real Life said...

I'm glad you are unscathed. After seeing the snow that Virginia got, I was wondering if you got that too.

This was definitely "Frankenstorm", and it has made its way into Canada. We didn't get the same devastation as NY/NJ but still more than enough. I'm glad I don't live anywhere close to that. We get enough flooding some years in the spring to know what it's like.