Thursday, October 11, 2012

So There I Was...

...sitting silently in my office, in a self imposed "Time Out".   I was avoiding my Supervisor who is giddily telling anyone who will listen about the ribbon cutting ceremony for the NEW Center.  The one they broke ground on 2 weeks after we arrived in "Temporary Land" and built from the ground up in a few months. I've been hearing about it for weeks.

I woke up this morning disgusted, frustrated and unhappy.  I tried to shake it off.  I realized my failure when, walking out the door this morning, I said to Hubby, "Have a good day.  I'm off to hell."

I gave myself a pep talk on the way to work.  You know, the one where you try to remind yourself that people can't make you feel bad, it's your reaction to what they say that rules the day.

Apparently, I wasn't listening to me.

So I sat in silence, trying to focus on something positive.  Anything.  Maybe one of those breathing exercises from the seniors' Tai Chi class.  I was almost there when a co-worker walked through mumbling under his breath how he hated the witch.  With a capital B.  I am ashamed to admit that we shared a silent, yet enthusiastic high five.

Then Inmate D. came into my office to see if there was any help I needed with set up.  He graciously carried the two card tables across the hall and up the stairs.  Oh, I can carry's the up the stairs part that's literally a pain for someone so short to conqueror.  I swear those are the tallest 4 steps in history.

When he finished, I handed him a couple of small boxes of Halloween candy as his next job was to go to another site and wax floors. A thankless task around here. I understand thankless.  With a capital T.

With a smile D.  nodded in appreciation, then added, "You are a Gentle Lady and a Scholar."

And that's what finally put a smile on my face.  Gratitude from someone who doesn't know me, but understands that "Thank you" goes a long way.

Thanks D....I needed that. 


Chef Files said...

"but understands that "Thank you" goes a long way." Indeed dear lady, and kindness to those deprived of it goes even further. Can you rise any further in my estimation I wonder?

hope said...

Chef: Only if I stand on a really TALL box. ;)

mapstew said...

I have to agree with my taller pal.

(No, seriously. I HAVE to agree with my taller pal!) :¬)


Chef Files said...

I'll build Map a box to stand on, heaven knows he needs it, bless his soul, but you hen, I'll just place you upon a pedestal where you belong.

hope said...


Ah Chef, save yourself some time and just build the box big enough for both of us to stand on side by side cause I know Map is taller than I am. :)