Monday, October 15, 2012

Sign of Surviving Monday

I'll admit it.  I am NOT a Monday person.  I don't go rushing into work, roll up my sleeves and dive in.  Well, that's because I begin the day buying groceries, then go to the kitchen to do prep work for the Lunch I cook for my senior citizens on Tuesdays.

But the Monday thing, right now, is driven by frustration of the work situation itself.  Nope, not another one of THOSE posts.  This one ends nice.

Driving home in a thunderstorm this afternoon, I looked across a field and saw the most brilliant, as in BRIGHT, rainbow I've seen since we moved to the country.  The sky was that angry purple/blue color and the rainbow looked as if it were powered by a kleig light!  Not only that, it was a double rainbow.
Now granted, cell phones have come a long way, but a professional camera it's not.  The colors aren't anywhere near as vibrant as the reality of the moment.  The amazing thing, for me, was that it was an entire rainbow that curved from an angry sky to...well, you'll see. 

 Just above, to the right, is the "2nd" rainbow, shadowing the first.
 The curve ended against blue skies, 
complete with fluffy white clouds.

Okay, I just like all the different lines in this one.
Just to the left of the tree, it touches down.
The coolest part?  
That last road is almost home....
and I got to drive "through" the colorful arch.
If that's not a "Welcome home" sign,
 I don't know what is.


mapstew said...

I also do the 'big' grocery shop on Monday, though I love supermarkets! Always on the lookout for something new!

You must know the old joke; 'Where does one go to weigh a pie?' 'Somewhere over the rainbow!'

I'll get my coat! :¬)


hope said...

Map: why leave? That's funny!

Anonymous said...

OMG these photos are priceless. Rainbows are so hard to get a good photo of and you did great. I would have thought you were in Hawai'i Well done and thanks for starting the week of brilliantly.

hope said...

Thom: wish I'd had my "real" camera. I've seen plenty of rainbows out here in the country, but I've never seen one that was shining brightly!

hope said...

Shining SO brightly.

Pat said...

Have you ever looked for the crock of gold?

Chef Files said...

I believe the rainbow actually starts and ends with Hope.

mapstew said...

He's such a charmer! :¬)


hope said...

Okay, it ate my comments. Trying again.

Pat: when the rainbow ends across from the house it's in the woods...and I feared that might mean being on the Leprechaun's turf. :)

Chef: did you our state motto is, "While I breathe, I hope."? Guess I took it seriously. ;)

Map: Charming is good. ;)

hope said...

Hmmm...did you KNOW makes for a better sentence.

G-Man said...