Saturday, September 29, 2012

Read All About It

Well it's Good news/Bad news time.

Our CEO has discovered our charity has landed in the "Needs more information" pile at Tax Exempt Land.  

Boo!  Hiss!  

No...I am NOT crying.  Yet.
Hopefully that won't put us in the "Now serving those from Nov. 2011" pile.  It's possible we landed somewhere in the middle, meaning that as we were bold enough to file before we had 27 months under our belt, we just need to show them we're legit.  

We can do that.  And we have some Army folks who'll back us up.

In the meantime, it appears that although I want to cling to that often mumbled, "Leap of faith girl, leap of faith!" it's difficult.  And just when I want to start issuing invitations to a pity party, something happens which keeps me going.  Like the package that was hand delivered yesterday.

The title of this magazine is "The U.S. and International Archer".   This is the Paralympic issue, which is cool in itself.  And just under the gold medal winner's bow are the words, "Wounded Warriors.  Changing lives."

Yep, that's us.  On page 8.  In living, shiny color.  
It's a reprint of the local newspaper article done for our June "Fun Shoot".  You know the one where we all almost melted in record setting heat?  I'm proud because it was a collaborative effort; meaning I've known the Reporter for years, she has asthma so bad she couldn't get out in the heat, so I provided some quotes, a little info and a photo or two.  She joked that we should've shared the byline.

I'm smiling again, even though a thunderstorm is rumbling and shaking the windows. Why?

Because now the WORLD of archery knows what we're doing to aid soldiers who protect our freedom.  

Good publicity?  Sure.  Better yet?  It puts a good feeling in my heart that the taxman can't touch.


Anonymous said...

Bravo and Congrats my friend. You are as impatient as I am LOL Nothing ever goes fast enough. I think the article showing up was wonderful and yup Obama et al can't touch it. Thank goodness. Have a great week ahead.

mapstew said...

Taxman Schmaxman! Booo!



Pat said...

Yes you must keeep smiling. You are not named Hope for nothing.

hope said...

Thanks Pat. Encouragement always welcome. :)