Sunday, September 2, 2012

Go Ireland! And Oscar P.!

It has an grand opening ceremony.  Royals wave enthusiastically.  Athletes from around the world participate.

But NBC doesn't have time for coverage.  I can only watch online.

Here's to the athletes of the 2012 Paralympics, now competing in London.  Check here to see what Ireland did!

And from now on, the phrase "Oscar winner" won't have a thing to do with film...just Oscar Pistorius.  Hope my friend Tracy is having a blast as she's covering it for the Warrior Transition Unit out of Ft. Stewart, GA.


Anonymous said...

Maybe one day one of the big Networks will see the importance and broadcast it to make it more mainstream. It must be awesome to see. Mahalo for the share.

Titus said...

Cannot believe there's no coverage in the USA! There's a really big US team over here.

Ireland did it again today, and Michael McKillop's mum got to present him with his gold medal. And Dame Tanni presented the flowers! How cool is that?