Friday, August 31, 2012

Mapstew (and Kate) Are Wonderful Because...

Wanting to do something charitable is easy. Convincing other folks that your charity is worthwhile, and worthy of their financial assistance, is another matter.  

In an election year, it's on the verge of disheartening to see how much money the public will shower on politicians, while hoping those who were wounded while serving our country will somehow figure out how to fix themselves.

But I had an idea. I did my research.  I found music in the public domain, meaning anyone can use it.  And then I ran right into a brick wall.   It's called copyright infringement.  Because music has two copyrights: the original score and another for the musician who performs it.

So I did what I always do when I feel like I'm in over my head: I asked for professional help.

The professional in this case was Mapstew.

I turned to our good friend to ask for advice.  How could I proceed with some background music for a video presentation without getting sued?  He didn't tell me, "Good luck!".  He didn't tell me it wasn't his problem...after all he's on the other side of the pond.   No, he told me to give him a couple of days.  

I had no idea what gift our charity was about to receive.   

Thank you isn't big enough for this one.  Throwing around words like "Brilliant!"  "Talented!" and "Generous beyond words!" doesn't come close.  And if you stick around for the credits, you'll know why I got so choked up when presented this gift...of music.

With apologies to Kate, who I thought was the performer, not a co-writer.  Oh ye talented Stewarts, I you hope don't mind I had to "stretch" it a bit...but it's so lovely, I can't listen to it enough.

And the loveliest irony of all, 
which didn't even hit me until I added the credits?  
Most of these soldiers are from....
Ft. Stewart.   
I kid you not.

Here, take a listen.



mapstew said...

It is both Kate and myself who are honoured! :¬)


Chef Files said...

The apples never fall far from the tree Hope. Underneath the nice guy act is an actual nice guy. As for Kate... she takes after her mammy.

hope said...

Map, I swear I'm going to tell people that the Fort was named after you. :)

Chef: you know how to make me smile.

Anonymous said...

I really love this post. You all should be so proud of what you are all doing and partaking in :)