Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wilted...but Happy

Well, I guess even Santa needs to take a vacation.  

Or he only checks his mail in December.  

It hit 106 yesterday (41C) but the heat index was 114. (46C)  [Sorry my friends across the pond or to the north, but the celsius scale looks like a joke when it's that hot out!]

Amazingly, only two soldiers decided to stay home and we ended up with a field of 14 and a half archers...the half was a 7 year old kid who I think outdid his Dad.  We ferried everyone in golf carts and cut down the number of targets...and they were ready to go back and shoot again when we asked them to come in and eat.   There was lots of food, smiles and a nice air conditioned clubhouse.  But the smiles won the day.  There were lots of smile.

And even more cameras!

Saluting our heroes.
We gave a new bow to one female and one male soldier new to the experience.   There is nothing better for the soul than experiencing the joy of giving when someone looks like a kid at Christmas.  Best part? The male soldier's name was Angel.

And it sure can't hurt to have an Angel on your team.


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JeannetteLS said...

That is marvelous. I hope today you have had a chance to cool off. I suddenly find myself feeling very, very lucky that I am living in the cold spell of 90 degrees!

Angel... seems to me there was a field full of angels for this event, no?