Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 55

Yes, after a L-O-N-G, scary wait, the g-man has finally healed and is once again hosting this Fun Friday event.  So if you've written a 55 word story, let him know.  In fact, I'm so glad he's back, I wrote a 2 part story....and yes, each one is 55 words.  Welcome back Buns of Steel.  ;)


“No problem. Remind me next week,” his Supervisor instructed.

A week later, Sam did.

“I don’t know!,” the Supervisor huffed, ignoring him.

Sam exited wordlessly.
So predictable.

An hour later Sam was working with clients when his Supervisor angrily stormed in, demanding to know if he’d obtained permission to be there. 
Permission from a stranger.

“So?” Jack prompted Sam.

“Ironically the stranger said, ‘No problem’. 
But he meant it.”


“When I advised everything was fine,
the Supervisor cheerfully chided, 'Of course it is!'
Loud enough for the Boss to hear."  

“Thought the Boss wants her gone?”

“Yep.  But firing requires written documentation.”

 “So write down this story,” Jack smiled.


G-Man said...

Hope Springs Eternal...
This isn't Friday Flash 110, but I'm being very liberal this first week back...hehehehehe
Loved your (Ahem)55's!!
Thanks for playing, thanks for your kind words and well wishes, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Brian Miller said...

ha yes you must always have documention...and now the story is out as outed as the boss...smiles...

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

Had to give G-Man BOTH barrels upon his return, eh? LOL!

Cad said...

Double 55? Crumbs...