Monday, June 25, 2012

Shaping a Country by Reading

On the commute this morning I caught a story about the National Library of Congress, featuring a list of 88 books written by Americans which shaped America.  I took a moment to review the list when I got to work and of all the "reading lists" I've ever seen, this was certainly the most varied.  You can view it here.  

No matter what country you're from, I'm curious as to which 3 of these titles might have somehow shaped your life.  There's also a short survey which gives you an opportunity to add any books they might've missed.

Any guesses as to which I chose as THE most influential book on my life?

You might be surprised.


Rachel Fox said...

I can't remember you mentioning a book that might be the answer to your question... and as for guessing... impossible!
I've read a few on that list. Just read "Beloved" last week in fact. It left me stunned in places.

hope said...

Rachel: my hint would be when the Cavalry came charging over the hills to save the settlers, I usually was pulling for the other side. :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

I think the most influential book out of that list [and I think I've read 5 or 6] has to be The Joy of Cooking!

I have a copy from 1978 that my mum gave me and I still use it often to this day.

So if you think I am a bit of a foodie you would be right! ;-)