Thursday, June 7, 2012


Someone recently showed me this video and it's not just a tribute to WWII Veterans, one of MY seniors at the Center was in it!   On the original version she's at the 3:05 minute mark...yes, SHE.  A feisty 91 years old, she comes to lunch every week...after picking up the 96 year old lady who sits at her table.  She's hand quilted a lap throw for every member of the Center who comes to lunch!  And she always takes the time to tell me how good lunch was (I'm the cook) or leaves me little notes telling me I do a good job in spite of their cranky days.  :)

This is the short version, with music rather than crowd noise and no, sadly she got cut out of it.  But what a wonderful welcome off the plane this group of WWII Vets received when they deplaned in Washington, DC. 

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