Friday, June 15, 2012

Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Why yes, I did hear Mapstew singing that as I typed.

Rather than leaving updates on our charity here, I decided to ask for this one favor, then leave it alone.  

The biggest challenge for a new charity is getting it's name out there.  As we await that coveted "tax exempt" status, we still need to have the ability to raise funds to help folks.  If no one has ever heard of you, odds are you'll end up in the spam file.  Even though some people, like me, donate to charities all the time without even considering the phrase "tax write off", the age of the internet has probably made some folks distrustful when it comes to their money.  Especially if the request comes from someone they don't personally know.

Good news...I'm not asking for your money.  

My request is simple:  If you have a Facebook account, please go and "Like" our charity page:  Crossroads Wounded Warrior Archery Foundation.

Some of you probably got an e-mail request about that this morning and I apologize.  At the time,  I had no idea we wouldn't be allowed to "explain" the connection to me, the  person you might claim to know, rather than some random e-mail in a sea of spam.

Thanks y'all.  It feels good to do something other than fill out paperwork.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to your FB page. As you know I don't do FB so can't help ya there. Best of luck to your FB page :)

hope said...

Thanks least I know someone read this. :)

mapstew said...

'What would you think if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?' :¬)

Off to the Facebook I go this very minute! :¬)


hope said...

Map, I would NEVER walk out on you. Then again, I bet you don't sing out of tune. ;)

savannah said...

didn't get an email, but i do have fb, so, sure and yes and good luck and all the best, sugar! xoxoxox

hope said...

Thanks Sav! My Blogger Buddies have been the best help so far!