Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Santa

That's right.  


I figure the North Pole is the only place on the planet that's going to feel good tomorrow considering where I live.

A month ago, when it was so unseasonably cool for June, I agreed that the Charity should hold an outdoor archery "Fun Shoot" for our soldiers.  We even have a special guest coming from Texas.

The Guest arrived today...and I think he left the door open in Texas.  We're about to break a heat record set in we edge towards 104 degrees.  (40C).  Tomorrow might be a degree cooler, but not by much.  We are at least promised that the life sucking humidity won't be a factor.

Why do I think that these soldiers, who've been in Iraq and Afghanistan, are going to be laughing as I, the born and raised southern girl, melts into the ground?

If you don't hear back from me by Sunday...I probably melted.  :)

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Kim Ayres said...

It's wet, windy and 57F (14C) here in Scotland. I envy you.